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Scholarships and Financial Aid

The University offers a number of types of scholarships and financial aid, including loan programs (undergraduate), loan programs (graduate), grant programs, scholarships, graduate assistanships and tuition remission scholarships, Budget Tuition Plans, and student employment on campus, including employment through the Federal Work-Study Program.

Please contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for more information.

Other university scholarship resources:

The School of Architecture + Design offers:

There is no application process for A+D scholarships. All enrolled students and all incoming students are considered for scholarships, and recipients are selected by the faculty.

Please contact the School of Architecture + Design office for more information.

The College of Architecture & Urban Studies (CAUS) offers several scholarships for entering freshmen. For more information, please contact the CAUS Dean's office.

Links to scholarship info. for other depts./schools in CAUS:

NOTE: Scholarships may affect the overall amount of other forms of financial aid for which a student is eligible. Students should consult their counselor in the University Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for more information.

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