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Undergraduate Admissions

All applications for admission to undergraduate programs within the School of Architecture + Design must be completed through the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Admissions office.

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Frequently asked questions regarding admission to the undergraduate Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture Programs:

Q: What is the application deadline?
A: Please visit the website of the University Undergraduate Admissions Office for information on Key Dates and Deadlines.

Q: On what criteria are undergraduate admissions based?
A: All undergraduate majors in the School of Architecture + Design (Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, and Landscape Architecture) are restricted majors, and enrollment is limited due to space constraints in the design labs. Admissions are primarily based on a student’s high school grade point average and SAT or ACT score. Freshman applicants enrolled in a rigorous high school academic curriculum with a solid average of A's and B's and a combined SAT (critical reading and math) score of 1200 or better or an ACT score of 26 or higher will be given preference in the admissions review process. If you have questions regarding the criteria for admission, please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at; or

Q: Is a portfolio required for admission?
A: No. Many high schools do not teach art classes, and few teach courses in architecture or design. Our Foundation Design Laboratories (ARCH 1015, 1016) provide the design fundamentals needed to be a successful designer.

Q: Do you hold information sessions for prospective undergraduate students in the School of Architecture + Design? Do I need a reservation to attend an information session? Are they the same as the University Admissions information sessions?
A: The School of Architecture + Design holds information sessions to give prospective undergraduate students and their parents an overview of our programs and facilities and meet faculty members and students in their program of choice. So that we can plan ahead for these sessions, we ask that prospective attendees sign up in advance.

If you are also interested in a general university information session and tour of the Virginia Tech campus, please access the website of the Undergraduate Admissions Office at

Q: What classes should I take in high school to best prepare me for a major in Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design or Landscape Architecture?
A: Four units of high school English is a standard requirement. The university requires three units of math (including algebra II and geometry), but the College of Architecture & Urban Studies strongly recommends an additional unit of higher math. Two units of social sciences (including history) are required. Two units of lab science (chosen from biology, chemistry, or physics) are sufficient for most majors, but additional natural science courses, particularly in biology, are recommended for landscape architecture. Advanced placement courses in Math, Science, English, and Foreign Languages are excellent college preparatory courses. These classes show dedication to one’s learning and are the best preparation for taking the SAT exam. Art and architecture classes are encouraged, but not required.

Q: What is the foreign language requirement?
A: Students who do not complete 2 units of a foreign language in high school must earn 6 credits of college-level foreign language study; these credits are in addition to those normally required for graduation.

If you are a high school student trying to decide on a foreign language, Spanish would be a wise choice. Or, Italian would also be a good option. Our Europe Study Abroad Residency program is based in the Italian-speaking portion of Switzerland, and our Europe Study Abroad Travel program typically includes a 3-week segment in Italy due to the rich traditions of architectural and design excellence there.

Q: I am interested in applying to one of the School’s programs [architecture, industrial design, interior design, or landscape architecture]. Do you have any recommendations regarding what I should list as a second choice major on my application?
A: The answer to this question depends partly on your interests. But, if you are committed to studying in a particular major in the School, you should list that major as your first choice and then choose our College's undecided major, “Exploring Architecture and Urban Studies (Explore CAUS),” as your second choice. If you are not admitted into your first choice major, but you are admitted to Virginia Tech and the College, you can complete some of your Curriculum for Liberal Education (CLE) courses during your freshman year and apply to our summer internal transfer program (please see below).

Q: I am a student currently enrolled at Virginia Tech, and I would like to transfer into the Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design or Landscape Architecture program. What is the process for acceptance?
A: We refer to currently-enrolled Virginia Tech undergraduate students who want to change their major and transfer into Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, or Landscape Architecture as “internal transfers.” An application must be submitted. Applications will be accepted beginning the first day of the spring semester. The application deadline is in mid-February.

Please see for more information and to access application forms.

Q: I am enrolled at another University or Community College (not a student at Virginia Tech), and I would like to transfer into the Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design, or Landscape Architecture program at Virginia Tech. What do I need to do?
A: Please see for information on transferring to Virginia Tech.

Q: I have Advanced Placement, CLEP, International Baacalaureate, and/or credit from another institution. How can I find out if the credit will transfer to Virginia Tech?
A: You may access the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Transfer Equivalency Database to determine how credit taken through another institution will transfer to Virginia Tech. You may access AP, IB & CLEP information through the Registrar’s website to determine how this type of credit will transfer to Virginia Tech.

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