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Arian Korkuti

Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant

BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University
M.Arch., Virginia Tech
MS.Arch., Virginia Tech

Arian_Korkuti_head_shot.jpgPedagogically, Arian Korkuti focuses on conveying the relationship between the principles of architecture and current developments in architecture. In his instructional assignments in the School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech, and Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design at the University of Arkansas, he addresses topics relevant to architectural practice, the art of making, and forms of representation.

In his Ph.D. dissertation, Arian investigates what constitutes to the proper definition of form, specifically, in the political and architectural embodiment of the urban condition. He examines the relationship between architecture and the city during modern movements in Italy. His research centers on an analysis of the architectural practice of Giuseppe Terragni and its role in the relationship between architecture and the city. Investigations include the study of projects drawn from the competitions for Piano Regolatore di Como, Stazione dei Treni a Firenze Santa Maria Novella, Palazzo del Littorio in Rome, and Esposizione Universale di Roma (EUR). Additionally, he addresses questions concerning: method (about the form of inquiry and writing), time and its spirit, social upheaval and the making of the fascist state. Arian has been invited to present his research in several peer reviewed conferences, and other national venues.

At the University of Arkansas, Arian pursued funded research into the collaboration between the architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe and the developer Herbert Greenwald at Lafayette Park in Detroit, Michigan. This research includes intensive on-site study, photography and conversations with residents. Arian has organized photographic exhibitions of this research and plans to publically present & publish his findings.

Arian Korkuti holds a Master of Science in Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. Arian also holds a degree in Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.