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Paul Kelsch, Ph.D., ASLA

Associate Professor

B.Arch., University of Notre Dame
MLA, University of Michigan
Ph.D., Royal Holloway College, Univ. of London


Paul Kelsch is an Associate Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center. He has professional degrees in Architecture and Landscape Architecture and a Ph.D. in Cultural Geography. His research focuses on the cultural construction of nature and its expression in designed landscapes, specifically looking at the interrelationships between ecological understandings of nature and discourses of nature grounded in landscape history, art, experience, and social theory. These issues come to bear especially in urban forestry projects and community relationships with nature. This work has been presented at various conferences and published as a book chapter, in journal articles, and in conference proceedings.

Coursework includes design studios, site construction, and history/theory seminars focused on the historical roots of contemporary understandings and expressions of nature.

He has been involved in an investigation of the George Washington Memorial Parkway, comparing historical plans with current conditions to determine the degree of historical integrity of the Parkway. Management recommendations based on this historical analysis will allow the Parkway to evolve yet retain much of its original intention as a memorial highway.