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Graduate Architecture Program Information

Combined Program


Combined Student Status

This status is reserved for qualified students in the bachelor of architecture program who: a) are within 24 semester hours of graduation; b) are proceeding toward the two-year master’s program in architecture (M.Arch.2); and c) have at least a 3.0 GPA in undergraduate studies. Combined students are permitted to take graduate courses. The bachelor of architecture degree is awarded at the end of the first year of graduate studies on acceptance of 24 semester hours of work done instead of the regular fifth year in architecture. A total of 160 semester hours is required for the bachelor of architecture degree.

Students who are pursuing the 5-year B.Arch. degree at Virginia Tech and who are committed to pursuing the M.Arch. degree may, at the end of their fourth year in architecture, apply for admission to the graduate program. If admitted* and enrolled, these students will be considered “graduate” students. Combined students pay graduate tuition and fees. Students with combined status register for courses according to the typical plan of study for the 2-year Master of Architecture degree program (M.Arch.2), instead of the normal fifth year undergraduate coursework. At the end of the first year of graduate study, if the student has successfully completed at least 24 graduate credit hours (for a total of at least 160 semester hours of combined graduate and undergraduate credit), including all required core curriculum courses and applicable required architecture courses, the Bachelor of Architecture degree is awarded. Since there is no undergraduate “checksheet” for combined students, the School of Architecture + Design and the University Registrar’s office review the academic records of combined students on a case-by-case basis when these students apply for the B.Arch. degree; the 24 credits of graduate coursework are considered similar to transfer credits. The DARS Report is used only to determine whether core curriculum requirements have been satisfied. Combined students must complete a total of at least 54 credit hours of graduate coursework for the M.Arch. degree (including the 24 credit hours also counted toward the B.Arch. degree), and their graduate Plan of Study requirements are equivalent to those for students in the normal 2-year M.Arch. program.

The Combined program may be pursued at the main campus in Blacksburg or at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center (National Capital Region - NCR).

*In order to be considered eligible to apply for admission as combined students, candidates must have completed at least 136 credit hours of undergraduate coursework with at least a 3.0 GPA, must have completed all university core curriculum requirements, and must have completed all required courses for the B.Arch. degree except for the fifth year Design Labs (ARCH 4515-16) and Thesis Documentation (ARCH 4524). Candidates must submit all materials normally required for application to the M.Arch.2 program, including a portfolio of architectural design work. Each year, applications are reviewed by the graduate architecture program faculty, and candidates will be admitted only if their application, including their academic record and their portfolio, is competitive with other applicants admitted to the M.Arch.2 program.

Last Modified: June 17, 2016