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Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

BLA Program
Landscape Architecture, a dynamic and complex field, is one of the most consequential design arts today.

Landscape architecture has become one of today’s premier occupations, ranking among the best professions to enter. Working collaboratively with ecologists, scientists, architects, engineers, and planners, Landscape Architects are leading the work to meet the most important challenges of our time: climate change; healthy living and empathetic design; urbanization and shrinking cities; imaginative new development strategies; re-imagining water, food, energy, transportation, and green infrastructures; remediating spoiled lands and disturbed sites; and preserving critical natural resources. Landscape architects are doing this right now.

Providing the opportunity to contribute to the protection of the environment and natural resources while performing an essential service, the field is both challenging and fulfilling. The profession requires individuals with skills in creativity, science, problem solving, collaboration and an aptitude for technology. The Landscape Architecture Program at Virginia Tech guides students as they develop these skills and take their place as designers and planners of the built environment.

The first professional BLA degree program is comprised of 157 credit hours in four major study areas:

Virginia Tech Core Curriculum
(36 credits)
Landscape Architecture Core Curriculum
(97 credits)
Supporting Professional Courses
(9 credits)
General Electives
(15 credits minimum)

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A required design studio anchors each semester of the 5-year program. Technical and theory and methods courses complement the studios and complete the program core curriculum. Graduating students are well prepared for entry-level positions in the profession, but this is not the central focus of our curriculum. We believe that a broad-based university education and preparation for lifelong learning is critical to the success of our graduates and ensures the future health of our profession. The Virginia Tech Core Curriculum and the substantial number of university, restricted, and general electives included in the curriculum enable students to receive a well-rounded university education. These are complemented by an exciting array of opportunities for study abroad and professional internships.


The Landscape Architecture Program, the School of Architecture + Design, the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, and Virginia Tech offer a variety of special programs intended to develop student potential and interests. For more information about these opportunities, visit the Special Programs page.


Virginia Tech requires certain minimum standards for admission to any major or degree program. Admission information regarding incoming students, transfers, and internal transfers is available at the university’s Undergraduate Admissions website.

Undergraduate Admissions
965 Prices Fork Road
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Phone: (540) 231-6267 Fax (540) 231-3242


Students who wish to transfer into the program from outside the university should also contact the Admissions Office. Those wishing to change majors within the university (internal transfers) must consult with the program chair. The number of spaces available to internal transfer students is limited. The program chair considers each applicant's interest in and general understanding of landscape architecture, the applicant's overall academic standing, and the availability of space in making decisions about transfer requests.

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