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1 December 2007

Faculty Presentations at Architecture Exchange East

Faculty Presentations at Architecture Exchange East: Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects Convention

Four faculty from the School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech delivered lectures at Architecture Exchange East, the Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects Annual Convention.

Robert Dunay, T. A. Carter Professor of Architecture and Director of Industrial Design discussed working environments designed to foster creativity, and the unique role of collaboration across disciplines. The lecture titled, Territories of Opportunity: Between Disciplines explored new questions, alternative modes of practice and innovative research that arise from the confluence of what are generally assumed to be separate professional activities. As a prospectus for design research, an argument was made linking design and modeling, problem solving, information flow and integration, alternative generation, ideation and innovative troubleshooting, materials selection and construction.

The presentation included work from Two International Contemporary Furniture Fairs (ICFF) held at the Javits Center in New York; two Solar Decathlon Competitions sponsored by the Department of Energy; and the design and construction of a house for the abc TV show Extreme Makeover — Home Edition.