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4 August 2010

Harry M. Falconer Jr. (B. Arch.) receives NCARB’s President’s Medal

At its 2010 Annual Meeting and Conference in San Francisco, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) has bestowed its highest honor, the President’s Medal for Distinguished Service, to Harry M. Falconer, Jr., AIA (B.Arch., Virginia Tech), for his leadership in the Intern Development Program (IDP).

In announcing the recipients, 2009-2010 NCARB President Andrew W. Prescott, AIA, praised the medal winners for their commitment to the architectural profession and to the organization whose mission is to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare by leading the regulation of standards for licensure and credentialing.

Credited with guiding a broad enhancement of services for the sake of architectural interns over the past four years, the Council’s Director, IDP Harry M. Falconer Jr., AIA, NCARB, received the award for his leadership in the Intern Development Program (IDP). His achievements include facilitating a much needed update of the program to be more aligned with the current architectural practices and initiating an outreach effort to help architectural students and interns across the country stay informed about important developments related to the path to licensure. The IDP was raised to a directorate level at NCARB under his leadership…

The President’s Medal, first awarded in 1994, recognizes those individuals who dedicate a considerable part of their careers, energy, and wisdom to benefit the public and the architectural profession. (from

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