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Academic Programs


Architecture enriches our lives by offering us environments that are sensibly compelling, thought provoking, and capable of lifting our spirits. In addition to being beautiful, architecture is, by ancient definition, functional and durable. Like art, architecture is permeated by dualities. It is stable and transitory, measurable and immeasurable, and capable of both being touched and touching us. Like science, architecture involves systematic study. Its methods are iterative, experimental, and rely on intense observation. By intertwining the poetic and practical, architecture is uniquely poised to address the challenges of contemporary life and build the culture of the 21st century.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design is one of the oldest activities in the world and is becoming one of the most powerful professions in the digital age. There are few corporations that do not rely on expertise from industrial designers to help establish their identity, initiate a new strategy, develop a new product, or create an expanded market.

Interior Design

The Interior Design program at Virginia Tech is dedicated to improving quality of life through design excellence, professionalism, and public service. With a curriculum that equally respects the importance of creative skill, history, building technology, ethics, innovation, and business practice, our graduates have the ability and confidence needed to immediately contribute to the profession.

Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Architecture Program at Virginia Tech is committed to discovering, developing, and disseminating knowledge related to the discipline and profession of landscape architecture. Our educational approach stresses the importance of mutual responsibility within the learning community and favors students who are devoted to actively pursuing their education. Students and faculty work together to achieve the highest standards of disciplinary and professional preparedness and to develop the capacity for lifelong learning and professional leadership.

Extended-Campus/Off-Campus Programs

Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center

The Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center allows students to address the complexities of urban areas, using the Washington, D.C. metropolitan region as a resource laboratory for design and research.

Chicago Studio

Chicago Studio is an alternative to the traditional upper level design studio that integrates education and practice in a direct way for architecture and design students in tandem with urban living.


A+D students may elect to receive academic credit while employed in professional practice.

Study Abroad

Established in 1968 as a summer studio, the Europe Study Abroad programs are now offered in various lengths and types during the entire year. Study Abroad programs enable students, during various University academic sessions, to earn up to 12 credits studying and traveling in Europe and other parts of the world.