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Field Study

The Interior Design Field Study program is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience within the design profession while earning credit toward your degree in interior design. Credit for this experience is only offered to students who have successfully completed all interior design course work through their third-year design studies. If you are not approved for field study, then you may use the credit hours for free electives.

This opportunity is given to those students whose Field Study Application has been approved by the interior design faculty. Because of the nature of the review, Field Study is an earned opportunity, not a right. Professionalism across the major is a primary evaluative benchmark that determines whether or not a student can enroll for Field Study credit.


To enroll in Field Study, interested students must first pick up and complete the Interior Design Field Study Application Form. This form must be signed and submitted to the Academic Program Coordinator and Advisor in 121-D Burruss Hall no later than 4PM the Monday after returning from Thanksgiving break. At this point the faculty will review the Field Study applications and formally invite those accepted to participate in Field Study for credit by the end of the Fall semester, prior to the last day of classes. Professionalism within all ITDS courses is the top criterion for invitation to Field Study. All Field Study must be overseen by a licensed or certified interior designer or architect. Exceptions to this rule will be made on a case-by-case basis as approved by the Field Study Coordinator.

There are three steps toward fulfilling Field Study requirements, and each step has a set of criteria that must be met at the time requested:

  • Step 1 - your effectiveness in preparing for your internship both in time management and in keeping up with, and in communication with, your Field Study coordinator as stated under the section of FS Application and Requirements;
  • Step 2 - your Field Study experience as based on the coordinator’s discussion with your sponsor and the final results from your sponsor’s Student Intern Evaluation Form;
  • Step 3 - your presentation of your experience and your involvement, attendance, and participation in the mentoring of future interns during the assigned presentation times.